Looking to simplify your supply chain?


While the investment casting process can produce parts to net-shape or near net-shape, secondary machining is sometimes required. Using our own CNC machining capabilities as well as a regional team of approved machine shops, AMT can perform all required operations and provide you with castings meeting all your machining needs in a cost-effective and timely manner!


Looking to streamline your operations? AMT performs sub-assemblySurface Finish Precision Castings and final assembly operations on behalf of its customers.Provide us with your assembly specifications and our dedicated team will source the required items, manage components stock levels and integrate our castings in your final assembly. We even provide custom markings and packaging as required.

Surface Finish:

AMT can provide the surface finish to meet your requirements. Some of the most common operations include: Passivating, chem-filming, anodizing, plating, painting and powder coating. AMT’s extensive network of approved vendors can ensure that your casting finish will meet all applicable requirements and specifications.

Inventory Program:

AMT offers stocking programs to ensure your castings are available when you need them! Whether through a formal Kanban system, a simple safety stock or any other jointly agreed upon process, AMT stocking programs will ensure exceptional service and responsiveness to your needs.

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