Speed to Meet Your Need

Rapid Prototyping:

Whether you are trying to prove out a design concept, have a small run of prototype parts, or need a quick tool build and qualification to get your products to market faster, AMT can help. We know how important time is in learning, experimenting, designing, or qualifying your parts. We have a number of technologies available to provide a rapid turnaround to get you sample parts quickly. This includes 3D wax printed patterns, PMMA printed patterns, Stereolithography (SLA), wax injections from transferred tooling, or just focusing on speed with the standard tool build and qualification process.Wax Injection


AMT can prove out your design concept before moving to traditional wax injection tooling. This can be accomplished using 3D printed wax patterns, PMMA patterns, or SLA. Using customer supplied CAD models, patterns are created using state of the art RP technologies to create a pattern that can be used in our molding processes. This process can also be used for short production runs. If traditional tooling is desired but requires a short qualification time, measures are taken to compress tool build lead times, expedite trials through the plant, and get sample parts to you as quickly as possible. As a way to determine rough part geometry or integrity of CAD model designs, parts can be printed in polyurethane or ABS plastic models so the customer can see the actual part prior to any product development.Transfer tooling

Transfer Tooling:

A major worry of many customers is the transferring of wax tooling to a new foundry source. Worry no more! With an on-site tool room and two distinct molding processes AMT is uniquely qualified to quickly integrate your existing wax tooling into our casting process. This eliminates any supply chain disruption and quickly gets you product to meet your production needs. Most often transfer tooling is reviewed, tested, and feedback provided to the customer the same day the tooling is received at AMT.