AMT’s Core Competency


Operating a state of the art casting facility in Central New York, AMT transforms high-quality raw materials into Precision Investment Castings.Precision Investment Castings NAS 1193


Our climate controlled wax room is equipped with numerous semi-automatic wax injection presses. We have optimized our wax press setup to a rapid process that can be performed by numerous trained employees. Reduced setup times allow us to be more reactive to our customers’ requirements. Strict climate control, coupled with short setups, allow us to excel by inputting high quality wax patterns in a high-mix manufacturing environment.


AMT’s Ceramic Shelling department is unique in that every step is completely automated, from mold cleaning and rinsing, through all subsequent dipping and drying. Wax pattern assemblies are loaded onto the automated line, and are later unloaded by our robot as completed molds. AMT also utilizes a high-speed infrared drying tunnel – the only one in operation in the United States! The infrared drying tunnel allows us to dry our primary shell coats in a fraction of the normal time, without sacrificing mold integrity. Our fully automated dipping cell, high-speed infrared drying tunnel, and strict process controls create a robust shelling operation that processes consistently high quality molds.

Investment Castings Foundry


We cast a full range of air melt alloys. Casting control capabilities include: Cryogenic Argon Blanketing, Vacuum Assist Casting, Preheat Oxygen Sensing & Control, PMI Chemical Analysis, and strict Metal Temperature Control. Our multiple induction power supplies, preheat ovens, and aluminum furnaces give us the flexibility to schedule our operation by customer demand, instead of batching by alloy. Scheduling freedom and strong controls allow us to cast quality parts from any of our alloys on any given day.


AMT operates a fully-equipped finishing room with all of the equipment, personnel, and procedures necessary to transform our raw castings into finished product. In-house finishing capabilities include grinding, straightening, gauging, machining, and heat-treatment. Our focus on quality and safety are evidenced in our remote-controlled cutoff saw, manual and automatic grinders, and an array of calibrated jigs, fixtures, and measuring equipment.

AMT Sharon Springs NY