Specialists in Air Melt Alloys


Focusing entirely on air melt alloy processing, AMT provides cast product across a breadth of materials to meet your specific alloy requirements. Using melt units from Inductotherm and Thermtronics, industry standard pre-heat furnaces from Pacific Kiln, and certified ingots from top alloy suppliers to the investment castings industry, AMT can transform raw materials into the quality castings you need. In addition to quality raw materials and top end processing equipment, AMT also employs best practices for alloy melting including inert gas blanketing, vacuum assist pouring for our solid mold products, and vacuum chamber pouring for aluminum shell molds.

Ferrous and Non-Ferrous:

Sourcing from certified master melters, AMT is capable of pouring a wide range of ferrous and non-ferrous alloys. We have expertise in pouring Nickel based, Cobalt based, Stainless, Aluminum and Copper based alloys as well as Tool Steels, and Carbon / Alloy Steels. Materials are ordered under the relevant material specifications including AMS, ASTM, MIL-S, MIL-A, and a host of other specs as required. All alloys are sourced in the US and are DFARS compliant. Raw Materials Precision Investment Castings

Testing and Qualification:

Each alloy we purchase is melted to exacting specifications to meet your casting requirements. Every alloy is tested and certified at the source and certificates of conformance come with each shipment of material. In addition, all alloys go through a master heat qualification process once on site at AMT and include further chemistry and mechanical testing by certified independent labs to verify the integrity of the material we pour. If further alloy testing is required as part of a customer’s quality system, those specifics are noted in our integrated ERP system and appear on all shop paperwork. All parts cast at AMT are cross referenced to the original master heat for accurate lot traceability.

Looking for a specific alloy you can’t find in our list? AMT pours most air melt alloys. Contact us for assistance!

Alloys Type Common Specifications
COBALT 3 Cobalt Based
COBALT 6 Cobalt Based AMS5387
COBALT 31 Cobalt Based AMS5382, ASTM A732 GR31
FSX414 Cobalt Based ASTM A567 GR12
CT49 Nickel Based
HASTELLOY X Nickel Based AMS5390
IN 625 Nickel Based AMS5402, ASTM A494
Alloys Type Common Specifications
C355 Aluminum AMS4210, AMS4212, AMS4214, AMS4280, AMS4281, SAE.322, QQ-A-601, QQ-A-596, MIL-C-21180, ASTM SC51A
A356 Aluminum AMS4218, AMS4260, ASTM B26, ASTM B618, MIL-A-21180, QQ-A-601, QQ-A-371, NAI-1296
A357 Aluminum A357.2, MIL-A-21180
D712 Aluminum ASTM B26, ASTM B618, QQ-A-371, QQ-A-601
Alloys Type Common Specifications
C815 Copper Based UNS C81500
C83450-OSHALLOY Copper Based UNS C83450
C836 Copper Based UNS C83600
C873 Copper Based UNS C87300
C874 Copper Based UNS C87400
C875 Copper Based ASTM B584, UNS C87500
C876 Copper Based UNS C87600
C878 Copper Based UNS C87800
C879 Copper Based UNS C87900
C903 Copper Based UNS C90300
C922 Copper Based UNS C92200
C923 Copper Based UNS 92300
Silicon Brass Copper Based
Silicon Bronze Copper Based
Alloys Type Common Specifications
303 Stainless AMS5341, ASTM A743 GR CF16FA
304 Stainless ASTM A743 CF-8, ASTM A744 CF-8, MIL-S-81591, IC-304
304L Stainless AMS5370, ASTM A743 CF3, ASTM A744 CF3, MIL-S-81591, IC-304L
310 Stainless AMS5366, ASTM A743 CK20, ASTM A351 CK20
316 Stainless AMS5360, ASTM A 351 CF8M, ASTM A 743 CF8M, ASTM A 744 CF3M, MIL-S-81591
316L Stainless ASTM A 351 CF3M, ASTM A 743 CF3M, ASTM A 744 CF3M
319 Stainless ASTM B26, ASTM B618
347 Stainless ASM5362
410 Stainless AMS5350, MIL-S-81591, IC-410
416 Stainless AMS5349, MIL-S-81591, IC-416B
420 Stainless ASTM A 743 CA40, MIL-S-81591, IC-420
15-5PH Stainless AMS5347, AMS5356, AMS5357, ASTM A747 CB7CU-2
17-4PH Stainless AMS5342, AMS5343, AMS5344, AMS5355, AMS5398, MIL-S-81591, ASTM A747 CB7CU-1
440C Stainless AMS5352, MIL-S-81591, IC-440C
A-2 Tool Steel ASTM A597 CA-2
O-1 Tool Steel ASTM A597 CO-1
Alloys Type Common Specifications
1020 Carbon and Alloy MIL-S-22141
4130 Carbon and Alloy AMS5336, MIL-S-22141, IC-4130
4140 Carbon and Alloy AMS5338, MIL-S-22141, IC-4140
4340 Carbon and Alloy ASTM A732-14 GR10Q, MIL-S-22141
8620 Carbon and Alloy ASTM A 732-14 GR13Q, ASTM A958-14 GR8620, MIL-S-22141, IC-8620