Positive Indexing Locking Devices

NAS1193 Specification:

AMT manufactures a full range of NAS1193 locking devices including an array of sizes, finishes, and heat treatments per specification. We proudly make all of our aerospace fasteners in the USA in our AS9100 certified investment casting facility in Central New York, with DFARS compliant material. All of our NAS1193 components are 100% visually inspected and 100% Fluorescent Penetrant Inspected (FPI) to ensure the highest quality.

  • Material and Heat Treat:
    • K-Code:  17-4PH per AMS5355
    • E-Code:  17-4PH per AMS5343

  • Finish:
    • No Code:   Castings are media blasted to a uniform finish
    • F-Code:     Aluminum coating per NAS4006
    • P-Code:     Cadmium plated per AMS-QQ-P-416

  • Configuration:
    • -1: The side that includes an external tab with a hole for locking wire
    • -2: The other half with an internal tab that locks into a keyway
    • C:  Both halves of the indexing locking device assembly
Complete List of NAS1193 Locking Devices


Preferred Manufacturer:

AMT has manufactured flight-critical aerospace locking devices for over 20 years. These components are used in military and civilian aerospace programs in crucial applications such as landing gear, flight control systems, and other linkage rod assemblies. We manufacture high-spec aerospace fasteners to stringent industry standards including NAS1193, AS14227, and MS14198.

Simplified Supply Chain:

As a manufacturer, we sell to aerospace hardware distributors around the world. However, AMT is more than just a manufacturer; we are a critical link in your supply chain. We work with distributors to make part sourcing as painless as possible. With options such as Long Term Agreements, Stocking Programs, or rapid fulfillment of discrete orders, let AMT be your first choice for aerospace locking devices.